Preventing, detecting and tackling situations where authorisations to reside in the EU for the purpose of study are misused


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This inform draws on the contributions of 24 Member States and aims to map experiences and approaches across the EU in preventing and addressing situations where authorisations are potentially misused for a purpose other than for study. The term “authorisations” covers both residence permits and long-stay visas issued for the purpose of study.

The inform is built around the distinction between the pre-arrival phase, where focus is on prevention of potential misuse of authorisations, and the post-arrival phase, which concentrates on monitoring and detecting cases of misuse once an authorisation to reside for the purpose of study has been issued. The inform outlines that several Member States give full priority to the pre-arrival phase, with as many placing emphasis on both the pre-arrival and the post-arrival phase.

The inform reflects the legislation, policies and practices in place in Member States during the period 2017-2020.


Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:European Commission
Publication Date:14 Mar 2022
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