Stop the Silence: A Snapshot of Racism in Cork

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This report documents the development of NASC’s racist reporting mechanism. It includes an overview of major studies on racism and discrimination conducted in Ireland and Europe over the last decade and a summary of the legislative and policy framework on racism. This study provides a ‘snapshot’ overview of peoples’ perceptions of and experiences with racism and discrimination in Cork City and County. The findings of this report indicate that there remain many issues that need to be addressed in relation to victimisation and discrimination of ethnic minorities and migrants living in Cork.

The report revealed that the majority the survey’s respondents consider racism to be a problem and that there is a high level of racially motivated attacks on immigrants, be they verbal attack or physical attacks. It also highlighted several areas of discrimination that ethnic minorities continue to face, particularly in access to services, employment and housing.

The report also shows that immigrants of African descent were more likely to experience a racially motivated attack, as compared to those from other ethnic minority groups. One of the most striking results of our survey was the high level of non-reporting from our respondents. In addition less than a quarter of
people knew how to where to report.

Author(s):Nasc, The Irish Immigrant Support Centre
Publisher:Nasc, The Irish Immigrant Support Centre
Publication Date:27 Nov 2012
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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