The application of quotas in EU Member States as a measure for managing labour migration from third countries: EMN Informs

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This EMN Inform[1] provides information on the use of quotas[2] by Member States as one of a possible range of measures to manage labour migration from third countries, as well as secondary movements of third country nationals, exercising mobility for the purpose of employment within the EU.

[1] Information sources include: the EMN Studies Satisfying Labour Demand through migration (2010); Intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals (2013) and EMN Annual Policy Reports 2010, 2011 and 2012.

[2] The EMN Glossary defines a quota as ‘a quantitative restriction in the migration or asylum context. Many countries establish quotas, or caps, on the number of migrants to be admitted each year’.

Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:Directorate General Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:31 Jan 2014
Geographic Focus:Europe
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