The Feminisation of Migration: Experiences and Opportunities in Ireland

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This report examines the particular role and impact of the contribution of women migrants in Ireland. It argues that there is a need for more genderbased analysis of migration to reveal specific gender-related policy issues that need to be addressed. By drawing on national and international data, and through interviews with women migrants in Ireland, this study shows that there are some unique and gender-specific issues that need to be addressed if women migrants are to be equal, valued and recognised for their contributions to Irish society and the economy.

The report shows that, although there is a wide diversity of migration experiences, positive and negative, the strength of women migrants is a common theme emerging from their experiences of living and working in Ireland. However, the invisibility of women migrants in the labour market and in society creates particular difficulties. It results in women being open to exploitation and specific forms of gender-based inequality.

Author(s):Jane Pillinger
Publisher:Immigrant Council of Ireland
Publication Date:01 Nov 2007
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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