The Impacts of Covid-19 on Ethnic Minority and Migrant Groups in Ireland


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This paper outlines key impacts of Covid-19 on ethnic minority and migrant groups in Ireland. It presents an overview of available data, and identifies areas for further work.

The paper provides some contextual information first, followed by an outline of issues arising for ethnic minority and migrant groups in relation to Covid-19 in the areas of employment and income, housing, health and well-being, education, immigration services, and discriminatory attitudes.

A number of the problematic issues arising for these groups during the pandemic stem from pre-existing disadvantage experienced by migrants and Irish people of colour. However a range of supports have been put in place which aim to address some of the issues which negatively affect migrants and ethnic minorities during the pandemic.

A summary of the findings is given first, before a more detailed outline of the data and findings are provided in the main part of the paper.

Author(s):Órlaith Hennessy
Publisher:National Economic and Social Council
Publication Date:02 Feb 2021
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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