The integration of non-EU migrant women in Ireland


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In 2020, there were almost 89,000 non-EU women and girls living in Ireland, representing 3.5% of the resident female population. This study assesses if, and to what extent, the distinct situation of non-EU migrant women is considered in Irish national integration policies and measures.

Migrant women may face a ‘double disadvantage’, which relates to being both a woman and a migrant. Non-EU women are subject to immigration conditions and different employment rules to their EU counterparts, resulting in a more precarious residence status in the State. Research shows the experiences of non-EU migrants can differ significantly both from those of Irish nationals and of migrants from within the EU.

This EMN study examines the situation of migrant women in Ireland and the policies towards this group. It presents information collated by way of a common template for an EU-level report, which was published by the EMN, Integration of migrant women in the EU: Policies and measures.

The EMN EU-level report can be found here.

Author(s):Amy Stapleton, Michał Polakowski, Emma Quinn
Publisher:Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)
Publication Date:14 Sep 2022
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