The Organisation of Migration and Asylum Policies 2012: Ireland

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This study is an updated version of the 2009 EMN study “The Organisation of Migration and Asylum Policies” in Ireland. It is intended to be a useful updated reference document, providing a ‘map’ of immigration and asylum-related policy in Ireland in 2012. The focus is on non-EU immigration. Irish immigration policy is unusual within Europe in that it is strongly influenced by the Common Travel Area shared with the UK. In addition, Ireland and the UK may opt out of EU measures relating to immigration and asylum. As a result Irish immigration and asylum policy differs significantly to that of other EU Member States. Immigration in Ireland is a relatively new trend, and this is reflected in the still disparate nature of our immigration policy. This report describes how immigration and asylum policies are currently organised in Ireland as well as indicating where changes may soon be made.

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Author(s):Emma Quinn, Gillian Kingston
Publisher:Economic and Social Research Institute
Publication Date:27 Nov 2012
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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