The use of detention and alternatives to detention in the context of immigration policies: EMN Inform

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This EMN Inform summarises the main findings of the EMN Focussed Study on “The use of detention and alternatives to detention on the context of immigration policies”.

More specifically it summarises:

  • information on the scale of detention and alternatives to detention in each Member State by collecting statistics available on the number of third-country nationals (by category) that are subject to these measures;
  • categories of third-country nationals that can be subject to detention and/or provided an alternative to detention;
  • the grounds for placing third-country nationals in detention and/or providing alternatives to detention outlined in national legal frameworks, as well as the assessment procedures and criteria used to reach decisions on detention in individual cases;
  • the different types of detention facilities and alternatives to detention available and used in (Member) States;
  • evidence of the way detention and alternatives to detention contribute to the effectiveness of return policies and international protection procedures.

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Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:Directorate General Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:04 Nov 2014
Geographic Focus:Europe
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