The Use of Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence in Migration Management


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This joint EMN-OECD inform is the second of the 2021 series of informs on Innovation in Migration. In view of the dynamic nature of the migration policy landscape and in the context of the new Pact on Migration and Asylum, this series explores existing trends, innovative methods and approaches in migration management and will be used as a basis for further policy reflection at EU level. This inform builds on trends identified in the EMN-OECD series on migration management informs on COVID-19 in the migration area. Its scope includes EU Member States, EMN observer countries as well as OECD

This inform aims to explore the role of new digital technologies in the management of migration and asylum. It focuses on a number of specific areas in migration, acquisition of citizenship, asylum procedures and border control management where digital technologies may be used (e.g. digitalisation of application processes, use of video conferencing for remote interviews, use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist decision making processes, use of blockchain technology). It also considers the implications of using these types of technologies on fundamental rights. This inform was prepared on the basis of inputs from 24 EMN National Contact Points and complemented with inputs from the OECD covering developments in non-EU OECD countries. Additional details on Member States’ approaches were also obtained through complementary sources.

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EMN Ireland press release on the use of digitalisation and artificial intelligence in migration management

Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:European Commission
Publication Date:10 Feb 2022
Geographic Focus:EU
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