Transition of unaccompanied minors to adulthood: EMN Inform


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New EMN inform explores the situation of all unaccompanied minors reaching adulthood who are classified as unaccompanied minors in the Member States and Norway – including, to the extent possible, both those who do and do not apply for asylum.

The transition to adulthood of a young person refers broadly to the process of them reaching adult age, thus transitioning from dependency to autonomy and living as a full member of society. Unaccompanied minors face a double transition: not only from childhood into adulthood, but also, possibly, a change to their status, which can impact on their right to stay, and the extent to which they can access education, housing, employment, services, and support.



Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:24 Nov 2022
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