What caused the large increase in international protection applications in Ireland in 2022?


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In 2022, after Ireland emerged from COVID-related restrictions, 13,651 international protection applications (also known as asylum applications) were lodged, representing a 186% increase from 2019 (the last comparable year before Covid-19). No single nationality dominated the increase, making it unclear why such an increase had occurred. The trend was unusual because, while applications also increased in the EU as a whole, the relative increase in Ireland was much larger, which is historically uncommon, with Ireland largely insulated from increases in Europe over the last decade. Applications remained close to this historically high rate in 2023, with a total of 13,277 applications. While Ireland has seen many arrivals from Ukraine following the Russian invasion, most of these people reside under the Temporary Protection Directive and are not counted in asylum statistics and are not included in the ESRI Report summarised in this Memo.

This EMN Ireland Migration Memo summarises findings from the ESRI Report ‘Explaining Trends in International Protection Applications in Ireland (2022) which examined potential drivers behind the increase in international protection applications in Ireland between January and June 2022.

Author(s):Keire Murphy and Dervla Potter
Publisher:The Economic and Social Research Institute
Publication Date:29 May 2024
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