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EMN Ireland is the Irish National Contact Point of the European Migration Network and is part of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

Recent publications

2016 Resettlement studyResettlement of Refugees and Private Sponsorship in Ireland

Ireland records large increase in refugee resettlement but overall numbers remain low.


Annual Policy Report Ireland 2015Annual Policy Report on Migration and Asylum 2015: Ireland

Overview of trends and policy developments in migration and asylum during 2015


2016 Integration Study

Integration of Beneficiaries of International Protection into the Labour Market: Policies and Practices in Ireland

Few targeted labour market integration supports exist

Labour and Skills ShortageDetermining Labour and Skills Shortages and the Need for Labour Migration in Ireland

Non-EU employment permits system increasingly responds to labour market information

Resources & Activities

EMN Ireland Conference: Responding to the refugee crisis

Date: 15 December 2016.  More information


View EU migration and asylum legislation: Ireland’s participation.

Useful Statistics

See Population and Migration Statistics (2015).

Research Library

Search for research-based publications of relevance to migration and asylum in Ireland.

Asylum and Migration Glossary 3.0

Asylum and Migration Glossary 3.0

Download Glossary or search the on-line EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary for comparable terms and definitions relating to asylum and migration.

Ad-hoc queries

The EMN has an ad hoc request system to gather comparative information on asylum and migration matters of relevance to policy development in Member States.