2018 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the European Migration Network

08 May 2018


The European Migration Network was established by the Council of the European Union Decision 2008/381/EC adopted on 14 May 2008.  Over the past 10 years the EMN has provided up-to-date, comparable and objective information on migration and asylum in the EU, contributing to policymaking and public debate.

During this time, we have produced comparable, EU-level research on a wide range of topics across all aspects of migration and asylum policy, from labour migration, to integration, family reunification, international protection, trafficking in human beings and return. 

On an annual basis, the EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum, has provided a summary and analysis of key migration policies and statistics at EU and national levels, identifying important trends and shifts in migration patterns year on year.

We have also informed policymakers, over the last decade, by gathering valuable information on migration and asylum through the EMN ad hoc query system.  

The EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary provides comparable translation of relevant terms in the majority of the official EU languages plus Norwegian, and has evolved over the past 10 years to include ‘new’ terms reflecting recent policy on migration and asylum issues.

10 Year Anniversary Conference

On the occasion of our 10 year Anniversary, the EMN is hosting a 10 Year Anniversary Conference on Understanding Migration in the EU: past, present, future in Brussels on 15 May 2018.

The conference will acknowledge the achievements of the EMN over the past decade. It provides an opportunity to stimulate debate among key stakeholders and collaborators on the main issues and challenges related to migration and asylum, for policymakers and practitioners, as well as reflecting on lessons learned and how these can be used to shape future policy.

We will also consider the role that the EMN can play to maximise its contribution to the continuous improvement of migration policy and practice in the EU. The conference welcomes high-level speakers at the forefront of migration and asylum policy and practice, who will share their perspectives to encourage a balanced debate.

Underpinning these contributions is the wealth of information gathered within the latest EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum, which will present the most recent developments and statistics across all migration and asylum fields. Our new publication Understanding Migration in the European Union. Insights from the European Migration Network 2008-2018, to be launched at the event, summarises the contributions of the EMN over the past decade, through ad hoc queries, studies, informs and the Annual Reports.

See more: www.emn.ie/10years

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