Changes to doctors’ immigration permissions aimed at attracting mobile talent

08 Mar 2022


Major changes to working arrangements and immigration permissions for most non-EEA doctors have been announced by the Departments of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Justice and Health. The changes are intended to make Ireland a more attractive location for doctors, to help retain medical staff and to reduce the administrative burden on doctors and their employers.

From now, non-EEA doctors already in the State for between 2-5 years with a General Employment Permit may apply for a new permission (Stamp 4) granting them the right to work without a permit. Their spouses or partners will also receive a permission allowing them to work. Currently these doctors must have been present and working in the State for five years to qualify for a Stamp 4 permission. It is estimated that up to 1,800 doctors are in the eligible cohort.

In addition, the Department of Justice is creating a new stamp category called Stamp 1H for doctors in HSE and HSE funded agencies and private hospitals. Doctors who complete two years’ service under Stamp 1H will become eligible for a Stamp 4. This includes those who have recently received a two-year multi-site General Employment Permit. Spouses of these doctors will now be able to apply for a Stamp 1G as part of this new system, which will give them unlimited work rights.


For further information see: Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment Media release