Commission adopts Common Implementation Plan for the Pact on Migration and Asylum

14 Jun 2024


On 12 June 2024 , the European Commission published the Common Implementation Plan for the Pact on Migration and Asylum (‘the Pact’). The Plan sets out administrative, operational and legal requirements that Member States must put in place in order to prepare for the implementation of the legislation underpinning the Pact. It is expected that these requirements will be fully implemented by July 2026. It also provides a template for the national implementation plans which each Member State must adopt by 12 December 2024. Targeted and operational support will be provided to Member States by the Commission and relevant agencies.

The Common Implementation Plan is based on 10 interlinking building blocks which arise from the legal obligations of the Pact. For Member States, key activities during this transitional period include the submission of national implementation plans (December 2024), communication of national contingency plans to the European Union Asylum Agency (April 2025) and the submission of national strategies on migration and asylum (June 2025).

Each Member State’s national implementation plan must map the current national context across each of the building blocks including the current legislative framework, administrative practices, organisational set up (at both national and local levels), resources and structures in place, the existing capacities and challenges, and the changes needed to align with the Pact, as well as the timeline for their implementation. The Commission encourages an inter-departmental and cross-sectoral task force at national level to develop and implement the plan.

Contingency planning is required by the Reception Conditions Directive and aims to build and maintain more resilient reception systems, according to the Commission. This plan will be based on a template to be developed by the European Union Asylum Agency (EUAA). The adopted contingency plans must be regularly reviewed.

The national strategy on migration and asylum is required by the Asylum Migration Management Regulation and should encompass contingency planning as well as border management and return, according to the Common Implementation Plan.

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