Council of the EU and Member States agree to implement border and airline controls

23 Nov 2015

The Council of the European Union has called for the immediate implementation of “necessary systematic and coordinated checks at external borders, including on individuals enjoying the right of free movement”.  In the context of the “migration crisis”, the Council and EU Justice and Interior Ministers agreed to register migrants and refugees entering the Schengen area and perform security checks using “relevant databases”.

Minister Fitzgerald “reaffirmed Ireland’s commitment to supporting the comprehensive sharing of information on crime and security matters and signalled that Ireland will now commence the process to participate fully in the Schengen Information System (SIS II)”.In the context of migration and international protection, measures discussed include:

Strengthening controls on external borders

  • Implementation of checks at external borders, including on individuals enjoying the right of free movement;
  • Registration of  third country nationals entering the Schengen area, as migrants or applicants for international protection, fingerprinting and performing security checks;
  • Strengthening control at the external borders ;
  • Upgrading of the Schengen Member States’  border control systems  by March 2016.

Passenger Name Record (PNR)

  • Finalisation of the EU Passenger Names Record before the end of 2015 to include internal flights and to provide for a data retention period.

Information sharing:  Member States are asked to share data through “relevant databases”, including:

  • Sharing information on suspected foreign terrorist fighters;
  • Faster implementation and effective use of the Prüm acquis (interconnection and consultation of national databases on DNA, fingerprints and vehicle registration).

The Council and Members States also discussed:

  • Counter Terrorism;
  • Firearms;
  • Financing of terrorism;
  • Criminal justice response to terrorism and violent extremism;
  • Internal Security Fund.

For further information:

Read Council of the EU Press Release on: Conclusions of the Council of the EU and of the Member States meeting within the Council on Counter-Terrorism

See Department of Justice and Equality press release: Emergency Meeting of EU Justice & Interior Ministers following Paris terrorist attacks

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