Department of Justice and Equality announce funding for migrant integration and gender projects

17 Apr 2019

The Department of Justice and Equality have launched a call for proposals for funding for migrant integration and gender equality projects to be carried out over 2019-2022.

€4.5m has been allocated from the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for projects to further migrant integration and reception activities. This call is open to public, private and voluntary bodies carrying out the following projects/activities:

  • Reception/Asylum initiatives: which will include projects with a focus on improvement of services for asylum seekers.  In addition, the call is looking for projects that will address particular needs in the area of education and language training including assisting third country national children with school homework;
  • Integration/Legal Migration: this covers a broad range of activities such as advocacy and support for access to mainstream services; housing supports for migrants leaving direct provision; increasing awareness about Irish society; provision of information services; activities involving local community groups; promoting cultural awareness; etc.  Projects that will assist third country nationals and eligible asylum seekers to overcome barriers to employment will also be welcome.

€5.5m co-financing has been allocated from the Department of Justice and Equality and the European Social Fund for gender equality projects and specifically projects to support women returning to work and women’s entrepreneurship:

  • Women Returning to the Workforce: for projects that develop and deliver one or more training models to offer self-developmental training in employment-related skills to women who are currently detached from the labour market (i.e. not in paid employment but not registered as unemployed) and who are interested in entering/re-entering employment;
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship: for projects that develop and deliver interventions aimed at addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurial activity through targeted supports for women’s entrepreneurship.

The online application form and other relevant documentation/information, including assessment criteria, are available on:

Deadline for receipt of applications:

  • 12:00 noon, Tuesday 28 May 2019 for gender equality (European Social Fund) proposals
  • 12:00 noon, Friday 31 May 2019 for migrant integration and reception (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) proposals 

For more information:

Department of Justice and Equality press releaseMinister Stanton Launches €10m Open Call for Proposals for Projects under European Funding (16 April 2019)

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