Latest CSO estimates show number of non-Irish arriving in Ireland has increased, while number of Irish leaving has decreased

26 Aug 2015

The 2015 Population and Migration Estimates released by the Central Statistics Office show that the number of immigrants coming to Ireland has increased year-on-year to 69,300 from 60,600, an increase of 14 per cent.

Overall emigration has remained fairly stable at 81,000 in the year to April 2014 (80,900 in the year to April 2015).

As a result net outward migration in the year to April 2015 has fallen to 11,600, a decrease of 9,800 compared with the previous twelve month period (21,400).

Key figures from 2015 estimates:

  • Irish nationals continued to experience net outward migration but at a lower rate than the¬† previous year, decreasing from -29,200 in the year April 2014 to -23,200 over the year to April 2015;
  • Net inward migration among non-Irish nationals increased for a third year in a row from 7,900 to 11,600;
  • Irish nationals remained the largest constituent group among emigrants, accounting for 35,300 or 43.6 per cent of the 80,900 people who emigrated;
  • The majority of those emigrating were either at work or a student in the period prior to departing, with fewer than 1 in 7 being unemployed;
  • The combined natural increase of the population together with negative net migration resulted in an overall increase in population of 25,800 bringing the population estimate to 4.64 million in April 2015.

For more information:

See CSO statistical release Population and Migration Estimates (April 2015).