European Union (Dublin System) (Amendment) Regulations

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SI No.140 of 2016

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These Regulations which amended the European Union (Dublin System) Regulations 2014, were aimed at improving the efficiency of the Dublin III process. Regulations 3 and 4 allowed for a person who had entered into a contract for services with the Minister for Justice and Equality to assist the Refugee Applications Commissioner in the processing of Dublin III cases. Regulation 5 also reduced the time period for making an appeal from 15 days to 10 days for the purposes of an appeal under the 2014 Regulations. Regulation 6 provided for the withdrawal and deemed withdrawal of Dublin III appeals and Regulation 7 provided for the arrest and detention of a transferrable applicant where an immigration officer or member of An Garda Síochána considered there was a significant risk of absconding, for a period not exceeding seven days.

Date:18 Mar 2016
Legislation Type:Statutory Instrument (IE)
Geographic Focus:Ireland
In Force:Yes
Keywords:Absconding (Risk of), Asylum Seeker (Secondary Movement of), Detention, Dublin Regulation, Ireland, Yes
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