S.I. No. 657 of 2006: Immigration Act 2004 (Visas) (No.2) Order 2006

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This Order specifies the classes of non-nationals who are exempt from Irish visa requirements and those who are required to be in possession of a valid Irish transit visa when transiting within a port within the State. The principal change effected by the Order is that nationals of Bulgaria and Romania are, from the date of accession of those countries to the EU, no longer subject to an Irish visa requirement. The Order also specifies that holders of travel documents under the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees issued by certain states are not required to hold an Irish visa when visiting the State for periods of 3 months or less.

Date:01 Jan 2007
Legislation Type:Statutory Instrument (IE)
Geographic Focus:Ireland
References:Immigration Act 2004
In Force:Yes
Category:EU Treaty Rights, Refugee, Visa
Keywords:EU Treaty Rights, Refugee, Third-Country National, Transit, Visa
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