New online registration renewal system expanded to include all Dublin-based non-nationals

09 Jul 2020

The Department of Justice and Equality announced on 7th July the expansion of the newly introduced online Registration Renewal System to include all Dublin-based non-nationals who are seeking to renew their registration in the state.

On 22nd June the Department announced the launch of the online Registration Renewal system available for use by all categories of non-national students residing in the Dublin area who are eligible for renewal of their permission to reside in Ireland.

The Department of Justice and Equality stated the expansion to include all Dublin-based non-nationals will make the process of registration renewals easier for tens of thousands of people every year and significantly reduce the number of people who need to attend the Burgh Quay office in person.

Between 7th July and 20th July, the online system will be made available to those with an urgent need to travel and who require an Immigration Residence Permit (IRP) card before they travel.  The online system will also remain available to students seeking to renew their registrations. As part of the announcement, it was also confirmed that the Registration Office in Burgh Quay would reopen on 20th July to facilitate non-nationals in the Dublin region who need to register for the first time.

The Garda Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau, in charge of processing applications outside of Dublin through the Garda Station network, are currently considering how they can reopen registration offices countrywide while adhering to public health guidelines.

The online portal is available here.

For more information, see the Department of Justice and Equality’s press release here.