Ombudsman publishes annual commentary on direct provision for 2019

23 Apr 2020

On 23rd April, the Ombudsman published his annual commentary on the direct provision system covering the calendar year of 2019.

The Ombudsman noted that COVID-19, and in particular its highly contagious nature, highlights the unsuitability and unsustainability of placing three or more people in one room, as is the case in many direct provision accommodation centres. The Ombudsman also noted the quick moves made by the Department of Justice and Equality to address the challenges posed by the virus.

He noted that the most significant change in the reporting period was the increased number of people seeking international protection who are being placed in hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfast accommodation, on an emergency basis.

This is the Ombudsman’s third commentary on direct provision since his remit over the system was confirmed in April 2017.

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