Changes in the International Mobility of Labour: Job Migration of Polish Nationals to Ireland

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This paper, based on the case study of job migration from Poland to Ireland, is focused on changes in the international mobility of labour. The study is undertaken with a broad term of reference: (a) to consider factors of changes in the international mobility of labour in a macro-sphere; (b) to examine the social and personal factors which might motivate individuals to migrate; (c) to ascertain socio-demographic characteristics of those who migrate; (d) to document some experience of Polish people working in Ireland, to identify the extent of migration among young emigrants and the nature of their difficulties in Poland.

Source: Irish Journal of Sociology, Volume 14, Issue 1, June 2005

Author(s):Isabela Grabowska
Publisher:EBSCO Publishing
Publication Date:01 Jun 2005
Geographic Focus:Ireland, Poland
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