EMN Bulletin: January 2019 to March 2019 Issue 26

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The EMN Bulletin provides policymakers and other practitioners with updates on recent migration and international protection policy developments at EU and national level. The 26th Edition provides information from January 2019 to March 2019, including the (latest) relevant published statistics.

A special note is provided on the European Commission’s progress report on the Implementation of the European Agenda on Migration. Information is provided on national developments in EU member states. Links are provided to the following key EU developments:

  • LIBE Committee European Parliament Rapporteur’s report on the European Commission Proposal that established the Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF)
  • Judgment of the European Court of Justice – Case C-221/17
  • Judgment of the European Court of Justice – Joined Cases C-297/17, C-318/17, C319/17, C-438/17
  • Judgment of the European Court of Justice – Case C-557/17
  • European Commission’s second report on the implementation of the Long Term Residence Directive (2003/109/EC)
  • European Commission’s report on the Single Permit Directive (2011/98/EU)
  • European Commission’s report on the implementation of the Family Reunification Directive (2003/86/EC)
  • Member States endorsement of agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the modernisation of the EU’s common visa policy (proposed by the European Commission)
  • European Border and Coat Guard Agency (Frontex) published its annual risk analysis report
  • European Border and Coast Guard Agency reached an agreement on operational cooperation with Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Council presidency and Parliament informal agreement to strengthen the cooperation and coordination between immigration liaison officers deployed to third countries by Member States/EU
  • Third Brussels Conference on “Supporting the future of Syria and the region”
Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:01 May 2019
Geographic Focus:Europe
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