‘Taking on Almost Everyone?’ Migrant and Employer Recruitment Strategies in a Booming Labour Market

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This paper explores the recruitment strategies of employers in the Irish Celtic Tiger boom labour market. It explores Irish employers’ turn towards immigrants rather than pursuing other strategies such as raising productivity or mobilising alternative sources of labour. It demonstrates that during the boom years a more casualised approach to recruitment was favoured, privileging soft skills and competencies above credentialised skills. Immigrants became the employees of choice, not least because of issues of costs and obedience, but also because they brought new skills, in particular soft skills. Indeed, employers in some sectors developed a categorical preference for migrant workers as they recruited for attitude, work ethic and potential.

Source: The International Journal of Human Resource Management Volume 23, Issue 9, 2012

Author(s):Elaine Moriarty, James Wickham, Torben Krings, Justyna Salamonska and Alicja Bobek
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Online
Publication Date:07 Sep 2011
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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