Subsidiary Protection Applications to be prioritised

21 Mar 2014

The Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner (ORAC) has announced that applications for Subsidiary Protection are to be prioritised under two processing streams, to run concurrently.

In stream one, applications will be prioritised for interview scheduling mainly on the basis of oldest applications first.

In stream two cases will be prioritised for interview scheduling according to:

  • The age of applicants – unaccompanied minors in the care of the HSE, aged out minors and applicants over 70 who are not part of a family group;
  • The likelihood applications are well-founded – cases which include a Medico-Legal report indicating likely well-foundedness;
  • The likelihood applications are well-founded due to the country of origin or habitual residence of applicants – all Applicants from: Afghanistan; Chad; Eritrea; Iraq; Mali; Somalia; Sudan; South Sudan; Syria.

For more information:

See ORAC Information notice

See UNHRC Ireland news


In November 2013, Ireland introduced a new Subsidiary Protection Procedure. Subsidiary Protection is granted by EU Member states to persons who are not eligible for refugee status but who might otherwise suffer serious harm if returned to their countries of origin. 

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