UNHCR 2015 Mid-Year Trends report shows asylum applications increased 78 per cent (993,600) during first half of 2015 compared with the same period in 2014

21 Dec 2015

UNHCR 2015 Mid-Year Trends report shows that during the first half of 2015, nearly one million asylum applications were registered in 155 countries, representing an increase of 558,000 on the same period in 2014.

Other key findings for the first half of 2015 include:

  • The total population of concern to UNHCR was 58.0 million, the highest level on record
  • The global number of refugees under UNHCR’s mandate was estimated at 15.1 million, 700,000 more than at the end of 2014
  • The number of Internally Displaced Persons protected/assisted by UNHCR stood at 34 million
  • The first-half of 2015 saw the mass outflow of 839,000 refugees
  • Syria is the number one source country of refugees with 4.2 million refugees, followed by Afghanistan (2.6 million) and Somalia (1.1 million)
  • Some 84,000 refugees returned voluntarily during the first-half of 2015

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