Residence Permits

First Residence Permits issued in Ireland by Reason, 2010 - 2019

Notes: A residence permit represents an authorisation issued by the competent national authorities allowing a national of a non-EU country to stay for at least three months on its territory. Data on first residence permits issued to non-EU citizens detail the inflow of migrants each year.

SourceEurostat, First permits by reason, age, sex and citizenship [migr_resfas]  


All Valid Residence Permits (on 31 December) in Ireland by Reason, 2011 - 2019

Notes: Data on all valid residence permits contain information about the number of valid permissions to stay at the end of each year. These data detail the stock of migrants in a given year.

SourceEurostat, All valid permits by reason, length of validity and citizenship on 31 December of each year [migr_resvalid]