What to expect from the European Network on Migration and EMN Ireland in 2024

13 Dec 2023


In 2024, like every year, the European Migration Network (EMN) will publish outputs on a range of migration and asylum related issues. Research topics are proposed by EMN National Contact Points (NCPs) and the European Commission and selected by EMN Member and Observer States. This article outlines some topics of focus for EMN (wider) and EMN Ireland in 2024.

International Protection and Temporary Protection

Many forthcoming reports under this theme relate to the reception and housing of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection. EMN NCPs are currently reviewing approaches to autonomous housing for beneficiaries of international protection and an EU-level report will be published in the coming months. Given the relevance of the topic to Ireland, EMN Ireland will also host a national conference and publish a study on autonomous housing in Ireland in 2024. Later in the year, the wider network will publish research on how accommodation for international protection applicants is governed.

The EMN has recently undertaken an EU-level study on the application of the Temporary Protection Directive and lessons learned after the first year. EMN Ireland’s national report will focus on Ireland’s application of the Directive. EMN NCPs are currently also analysing the labour market integration of Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection with a report due in the coming months.

In 2024, the EMN will also publish research on practices and challenges in identifying victims of torture in international protection and temporary protection.  Later in the year the EMN will look at the access to remedies for international protection applicants to understand the procedures and structures in place across EU Member and Observer countries where applicants appeal decisions relating to their case.

 Family Reunification

EMN (wider) researched the family reunification of beneficiaries of international protection in 2023, with publication of the report due in early 2024.  2023 marked the 20th anniversary of the Family Reunification Directive, which is one of the main avenues of legal migration in the EU (Ireland does not participate in this directive; family members of beneficiaries of international protection may be admitted under the International Protection Act 2015, while an administrative scheme applies for other family members). In 2024, the EMN wider will analyse the state of play of the Family Reunification Directive updating a study on this topic published in 2017 and highlight developments, best practices and challenges in its implementation.


EMN (wider) will publish an Inform on monitoring the integration of third country nationals in the coming months. During 2024, EMN research will focus on various areas of integration, including analysing the legal and policy frameworks relating to language support, education and training of beneficiaries of international protection and the implementation of measures for civic training as a tool for integration. In addition, the EMN will research how Member and Observer Countries ensure effective access to education for migrant children.

Migration Management, Strategies, and the Migration-Development Nexus

EMN (wider) will publish outputs on the processing of biometric data and the digitalisation of identity documents of third-country nationals. In addition, the EMN will undertake new research on designing migration strategies which aims to understand how Member and Observer Countries approach migration strategies. EMN will commence a study aiming to analyse how the migration-development nexus is implemented in policy and practice. The EMN will also look at a comparative analysis on the implementation of coherent return and reintegration assistance which will be published in 2024.

 Migration and Employment in the EU

The EMN will focus on three topics relating to this theme in 2024. The wider network will publish a study on the Illegal employment of third country nationals in the coming months, to be accompanied by an Irish national report on this theme. In addition, the EMN will commence a study on labour migration in times of labour shortages and will also map new initiatives undertaken by EMN Member and Observer Countries since 2022 to attract foreign talents into the EU.

 Trafficking in Human Beings

Following on from previous studies in this area, the EMN’s 2024 focus on trafficking in human beings aims to look at the international dimension of EU policy on this topic and analyse anti-trafficking policies at EU and at national level and how these policies contribute to combatting trafficking towards the EU and in third countries.

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